Word of Life welcomes folks for Christmas celebration

  • Dec. 11, 2013 5:10 p.m.

A City church is sending out an invitation to the entire community to join in a special Christmas event on Dec. 15.

Word of Life Centre is hosting the ‘Christmas is for Everyone’ event. Organizers are expecting upwards of 1,500 people to come out for the 11 a.m. services which will be followed by all kinds of fun activities throughout the afternoon for virtually any age.

Highlights include chili on a bun, horse-drawn sleigh rides, a live nativity photo booth where families can dress up in Biblical costumes and pose with sheep and donkeys in a stable, quad rides, a snow hill, a winter carnival and much more, said event coordinator Erin Larose.

“Right after the service we are starting lunch for $5.” Then there are all the activities to partake in. “It will be a whole bunch of fun for the whole family.

“We just want people to know our doors are open. The saying we have at our church is that everyone needs Jesus, and everyone needs a home. That’s the heart behind this day – that people would have a home at Christmas, and that they wouldn’t feel alone or isolated. We want it to be a special and awesome day at Christmas.”

The heart of the event is also that nobody should have to face this season alone, and that they should know they are part of a caring community, she said.

The afternoon will close with a family comedy show featuring popular family entertainer Steve Harmer and a visit from Santa. And a main focus of the day is that that they are providing Christmas hampers and gifts for about 100 community families. Another awesome touch to the day will be the appearance of a drum line from the Red Deer Royals who will be part of a musical selection during the morning service.

“We’re also going to have fire pits surrounded by benches for people to sit down and relax, plus there will be hot chocolate,” added Dian Layton, children’s pastor at the church as well. “Our goal is to provide a memory for families,” she said. But of course it’s not just geared to the conventional family – organizers emphasize absolutely anyone is welcome.

“People are also encouraged to bring their friends and neigbours.”

Some people don’t have much in the way of special memories in the way of Christmas, and that’s what the church is hoping to help out with – along with a focus on the true meaning of the season as well.

“We want this to be a memory-maker. We want to bring good news in a way that’s really tangible.”

Donations are also welcome, which, is they aren’t used for hampers this Sunday will certainly be put to use through the year.

For more information, visit wordoflife.ca/reddeer or call 403-343-6570.