BIG YAWN- Jamie Gray holds her newborn Chase J.J.

BIG YAWN- Jamie Gray holds her newborn Chase J.J.

Welcoming Red Deer’s first baby of 2011

Jamie and J.C. Gray of Lacombe had no idea the special gift they were about to receive on New Year’s Day.

At about a few minutes past 12 a.m. Jan. 1, 2011 little Chase J.J. the first baby of the New Year born in Red Deer was welcomed by the Gray’s.

Weighing in at 8 lbs. and 8 ounces Chase is the third addition to the Gray family and is a special addition according to mother Jamie.

There were no problems or complications except for Jamie having five inductions because of how big Chase was. They tried to have him around Dec. 8, which was the first induction, but Jamie explained they have a family history of big babies so it took four more inductions before Chase was born.

“December 23rd was the original due date but he had other plans,” said Jamie. “It was neat how it fell on New Years, we didn’t plan it that way.”

Chase was welcomed at 12:04 a.m. at the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre, an unexpected gift for the New Year and good cause for celebration.

“We were released from the hospital pretty quick but had a lot of visitors and people wanting to come so we had to phone them all and tell them we were going home,” said Jamie.

Chase’s brothers aged three and four are still not aware of the significance of their brother’s birth Jamie said, but she knows they will understand when they are older.

“They think he is pretty cool and they are always trying to give him his soother and read to him,” said Jamie.

“They are almost too much help some days but it is good help.”

Jamie plans on keeping all the papers so that she can show her boys one day and they will understand the significance of Chase’s birth.

“Everyone asks them what they got for New Years that was special and they name off their toys because they think of what they got for Christmas and don’t know what New Years is yet.”

“We are going to save all the papers for when he gets older, it is pretty special,” said Jamie. “He is pretty popular.”