Wedding contest launches today in Red Deer

  • Jan. 9, 2013 4:17 p.m.

A contest looking for a deserving couple wanting to get married will launch today.

Wedding Saviours will launch Jan. 9th at Westerner Park for engaged couples experiencing hardship in Central Alberta.

The contest takes the financial and emotional stress out of arranging a wedding by providing a wedding planner, the bridal gown, custom designed invitations, fresh flowers, a wedding cake, photographer, etc., as well as a full reception for the winning couple and 50 guests.

Jane Dayus-Hinch, host to the TV series Wedding SOS has joined hands with Wedding Saviours to create as many teams across Canada as possible.

“Too many couples these days have been forced to put their nuptials on hold because of financial restraint or other hardships – Wedding Saviours provides a helping hand to one lucky couple in each area and at the same time puts food in local food bank. I was delighted to become involved with this win-win scenario,” she said.

One deserving couple in Central Alberta that otherwise would not be able to afford it will get a free wedding.

Wedding Saviours is an online wedding directory that gathers teams of wedding professionals and business partners willing to pay-it-forward with their product or service as part of a membership criterion. Red Deer’s team got together last fall.

As the professionals involved are ready to pay-it-forward to the prize package, couples applying are asked to pay-it-forward in their community too. Up to 25 couples in each area will be chosen to compete for the wedding by participating in a ‘Challenge for Charity’, set to benefit the community.

Although most key merchants for these weddings are already in place, there is still room for more vendors to join the fun. Working with a team of like-minded businesses toward a common goal can enhance SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and increase their overall online footprint. For many smaller businesses, creating an online presence is a daunting but very necessary task these days – as part of a team the impossible becomes possible.

For more information check out Couples or vendors looking to get involved with the Red Deer team can call Heather Markiw at 403-885-2835.

– Fawcett