U.S. Open locale wields unexpected results

The Olympic Club at San Francisco would appear to have been created in a lab complete with bubbling beakers, lights flashing, a man with wild hair and wearing a lab coat, as well as some guy in the corner with a hump.

That track where the U.S Open was played this past weekend was nothing short of pure evil – and golf fans loved it dearly! There were no villagers armed with torches and pitchforks heading up the hill to burn Olympic Club to the ground.

This was not a weekend where the boys on the PGA tour went on a birdie-fest and someone ran away with it by five or six strokes.

This was not teeing it up on a tough but familiar layout where you knew exactly where to hit and where to miss in order to still have a chance at your birdie.

No, this was not your father’s course. Not by a long shot.

This would be a test of nerve, wills, concentration and good old intestinal fortitude and the last man standing was fresh-faced Webb Simpson.

The field for the Open was let loose on a course that stepped up and smashed some of the best players in the world right in the nose and the carnage was everywhere!

The defending champion, Rory McIlroy ran away with the U.S. Open last year. This year, he just ran away.

Bubba Watson got to go home early to be with his new family and cuddle with his green jacket, which was about the only green he found in those two days.

Lefty was hitting it left and right all week and in the end he went home to take a chainsaw to every Cyprus tree he could find and he found plenty during the Open.

Tiger Woods looked like he had found his game and was ready to go after major number 15. Instead, he found his keys to his Escalade and drove away with just his clubs in the trunk.

Poor Jim Furyk, sponsored by Five Hour Energy, only played four and a half hours and came up short, another victim of the golf course.

This was a tournament where par felt really good and bogey was somewhat satisfactory for many players and that is exactly how a national championship should play out.

The membership at Olympic were likely sitting in their warm clubhouse sipping some sort of beverage and rubbing their hands together with glee as their baby, tweaked by the USGA, hammered home the point that even though these guys are good as their slogan claims, you still have to beat the wild card and that’s the golf course.

Score one for the evil genius behind the Olympic Club.