Turban decision ‘flat-out dumb’

  • Jun. 12, 2013 7:42 p.m.

A seven-year-old Sikh boy in Quebec has been prevented from playing soccer because the provincial body claims wearing a turban is dangerous.

I had to read that one twice because I couldn’t believe in this day and age a ruling sports body could be presenting a stance which is flat-out dumb.

A spokesperson for the soccer federation in Quebec said they don’t know if there have been any incidents and they don’t know if it’s dangerous so that’s why they are banning it.

I’m not making that up. She actually went in front of reporters and trotted out that gem. With a serious look on her face as if she was doing all little Sikh children a big favour.

Maybe the translation from French to English got botched but what I hear is, something may or may not happen but just in case it might or might not, we are not going to let kids with turbans run around and kick a soccer ball.


Is the turban going to act on its own or will the youngster wearing it wield it in order to take over the game in a threatening manner? Maybe the plan is to play defence and rip it off of his head, throwing it in the face of an opponent thereby causing the opponent to crash into another player or the goal post.

If Sikh men could wear the turban and die for our country in two world wars, why in the name of Pete can’t these people see how dense this decision is and how blatantly racist it appears to be when no other associations are doing the same thing?

Back in the day when bigotry was a popular past time for the low IQ’ers this sort of thing would have been ignored by those who should be outraged and laid to rest quickly, with a smug smirk on the faces of those who “won the day.”

The Canadian Soccer Association has ordered the Quebec branch to reverse the decision but it seems that bunch doesn’t ‘parlez vous’ English when it comes to this subject.

In 2013 this should not be tolerated and in fact handled with some form of public punishment to the cave dwellers who figured this was the proper way to go.

A few federal politicians have spoken out but the provincially elected officials seem to have lock jaw.

The Quebec Soccer Federation deserves to be trotted out in front of everyone and given a red card.

Maybe wrap it in a turban.