Third time candidate wants to listen to citizens

  • Oct. 2, 2013 3:49 p.m.

A third time candidate running for City council said listening to the concerns of citizens is on the top of his list if he is elected.

Calvin Yzerman, who also ran for City council in 2001 and 2010, said he has learned from running in past elections.

“I’ve tried to improve my platform and I’ve tried to get out into the public more to listen to their concerns. During my campaign I have found that there is too much separation between City Hall and its citizens. More needs to be done to make Red Deer ‘our City’ and this can be achieved in part through regular town hall meetings and more City open houses. This will help to foster more citizen involvement and participation. It would also beneficial if City Hall had a regular booth at the public market. There is no better venue for the City to have direct contact and feedback from the public,” he said.

“I feel that there should be more voter say during the term of a council and especially at election time. The inclusion of the ward question on the ballot would be an example of this. I have found during my campaign that many are disappointed that the fluoride issue was not also included on the ballot. I feel that the voters as a whole can make better decisions on issues such as these rather than a small group of eight councillors and I am in favour of putting more decision making power into the hands of the public at large.”

Yzerman, who has lived in Red Deer since 1961, said he wants to do his part to better the community.

“I would like to give back. I’ve always been interested in the City of Red Deer and I’ve always enjoyed helping others. I’m the type of person who wants to get out there and help.”

If elected Yzerman said he would be an asset to council.

“I’m willing to listen to any point of view from any citizen of Red Deer whether they are voting age or not. I’m also willing to listen to visitors to the City to get their opinions about the roads or amenities that we have as well,” he said. “I also feel like I have been a good ambassador for the City. I think we have one of the best cities in the province which I think is important in our relationship with other municipalities or when we’re trying to bring businesses to Red Deer.”

Meanwhile, Yzerman said councillors need to take the proper time to consult with citizens before making decisions.

“I think City councillors should go where the people are to get a feel for what the issues are.”