‘The Great Fluoride’ debate carries on in City

  • Mar. 19, 2014 8:50 p.m.

When my husband and I first started researching the dangers of fluoride we were both shocked to discover just how dangerous this stuff was.

We found it more disconcerting to discover that it had been removed from Red Deer’s water, multiple times, only to be put back in.

My question to the mayor and to the rest of council is why is it necessary when we have access to other means of fluoride treatment for our teeth? I know that I didn’t vote or have a say in the mass medication of myself or my family.

I’m sure that many of the people reading this have the belief that fluoride is good for them, because it wasn’t all that long ago that I did too. It was curiosity that caught up with my husband after reading some information online, and reading further into it only confirmed that there is no level of fluoride that is safe for human consumption.

In this article, I hope to provide information from reliable sources to educate the wonderful people of Red Deer, as I feel that each and every one of you deserve to know the truth about what you have been drinking, perhaps completely unaware that it was even in the water.

There are two types of fluoride: natural and not. The fluoride supplied to the City of Red Deer is actually a bi-product of toxic waste released from phosphate fertilizers, aluminum smelting and chemical manufacturing. (known as hydrofluorosilicic acid….yum).

Myself and a group of concerned citizens began researching as much as we could about the fluoride that was going into our water supply.

We discovered that two companies, Univar and ClearTech Industries both supplied the City in 2013. We even got a hold of their Material Safety Data Sheets, and after reading, were not any more reassured in our minds about our family’s health and safety.

One of the employees that we spoke to over at Univar openly admitted that they hated handling the hydrofluorosilicic acid. Please Internet search both Univar and ClearTech hydrofluorosilicic acid Material Safety Data Sheets if you wish to see this information.

There are many people out there who are unaware of the fact the FDA hasn’t approved fluoride as a supplement.

This means that it is only available through your doctor by prescription, as a medication. When it is put into a water supply, like ours, there is no one regulating the dose for each individual. The amount of fluoride that you intake is not the same as a small child, or your neighbour for that matter, but the bottom line is that you have no idea how much fluoride you are consuming daily, and if you are at risk at overdose. (See dental fluorosis).

Both the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) have advised parents not to give their young babies fluoridated water. I want to advise all parents that boiling the tap water DOES NOT remove fluoride. Filters such as Brita and other inexpensive ones also do not remove fluoride from the water that you drink. If you want to buy a filter that does the job, you are going to be looking at spending a few hundred dollars, at the least, and I know that for many this is not an option.

In recent scientific studies published in the LANCET (a widely respected medical journal, thelancet.com) have shown fluoride is a neuro-developmental toxin, and has been added to the list of others that include methylmercury, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls, arsenic, and toluene. These chemicals have been directly linked to disorders such as autism, ADD, dyslexia and other cognitive impairments.

We have contacted the mayor and council members with this newly released data, asking that they reconsider their decision to keep fluoridating our water. We ask that the citizens of Red Deer research this information for themselves, and do the same. We are out in full force handing out letters to dentists, doctors and to the public with all of the information that we have compiled, and are petitioning the city to have this horrible toxin removed from our water.

There are a few questions that we should all be asking ourselves:

Do I feel it is safe to continue using this solution? With recent medical and scientific studies why is Health Canada saying fluoride is safe?

Health services seem to be lagging behind in medical studies not only on fluoride but also on genetically modified organisms as well – why? Why is the municipal government adding this to our water supply, do they research this? How do they regulate the amount of fluoride intake, as everyone is a different mass and consumes different amounts not only in our water but juice and pop drinks, coffee, teas?

Should there be information stated on our utility bills informing citizens about the possible dangers of using fluorinated water for making baby formula as they maybe consuming too much for their size?

Is there possible dangers to a fetus? Why do studies in rats given fluoride have increased absorption of aluminum – does this study apply to humans as well?

If I cannot purchase fluoride supplements without a prescription from a medical doctor or dentist, why is putting fluoride in our water a medical decision done without my consent?

We researched it and discovered that it is our municipal government, and our municipal government alone that decides to put and keep fluoride in our water.

We ask that you call, write, email and voice your concerns about the use of fluoride in our water. It’s the only way we’re going to get it out. We also ask that you sign the petition if you are aware of the dangers, as we still may need to bring this to council. The mayor and council member’s contact information can easily be found on www.RedDeer.ca.

For updated information on our efforts, please visit facebook.com/fluoridefreereddeerab.

Email us with your questions or comments: fluoridefreereddeer@gmail.com.

Danica Champion

Fluoride Free Red Deer

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