The Grand Gala raising funds to build new community-based programs

The Grand Gala raising funds to build new community-based programs

Event to be held in Red Deer this month

Vantage Community Services will be having its first annual fundraiser gala titled The Grand Gala, which will take place Sept. 15th at The Marquis Room at Westerner Park.

“We are trying to fundraise for more community-based programs, especially clinical-based with no fees, so we’re doing this fundraiser to help towards that goal of $50,000 to do more youth-based group counselling with no fee and workshops for PTSD for those who are first responders and more,” said Morgan Day, marketing coordinator for Vantage Community Services.

The Grand Gala is an art themed event and art-based fundraiser, which will be a night filled with fashion, culture, acrobat performers, live art models and more.

Because Vantage does a lot of art-based practices with their clients along with various programs and services, there will be some art on display from their clients as well.

An example of one of Vantage’s programs which includes art is through their Street Ties Youth Outreach, a homeless youth day drop in centre, which does an Art in the Park event.

“We use it to help them feel as a community and for our therapy we use it to help them open up or help them tell their stories. They’re scared to talk or don’t know how to express themselves, and we’ve done the past year’s Art in the Park with our homeless youth,” said Day.

She added arts is the theme of the Gala because Vantage allows people to be as creative as they can with their youth and even people who come into their walk-in services for one hour.

“We’re just trying to get them to portray themselves at their best selves and also to portray themselves as a customized piece of art which they are, because everyone’s so different and we try to incorporate that.”

She said The Grand Gala is about showcasing Central Alberta’s creative and artistic culture.

“Everything will be very picturesque, and we want it to be an event that people go back to and be like, ‘Wow I didn’t realize how much art and culture was in Red Deer and I wasn’t aware of what it would look like in one big room.’”

There will be an art gallery auction, silent auction, a grand prize raffle, along with a red carpet photographer, fine dining, music and so much more.

“Basically the Gala is an opportunity to showcase our programs, advocacy and services that help people in the community who need a safe place to heal, grow and find the tools required to realize their potential as well as show Central Alberta’s artistic culture.”

People can purchase tickets by visiting Vantage will be offering charitable receipts for tickets if requested. Tickets are on sale until Sept. 8th.

As soon as Vantage reaches their fundraiser goal of $50,000, an announcement will be made to the public about what that money will specifically go towards.

“We want the public to see where their money is going to and we really want them to feel like they’re contributing to the community and they can see the outcome,” said Day.

The dress code for the event is formal attire.