Street sweeping is getting underway in Red Deer

Street sweeping is getting underway in Red Deer

Boulevards are expected to begin this coming weekend

Street sweeping began earlier this week and crews have started to clean sand and debris from arterials across the City.

The annual street sweeping program is off to a late start following a long winter, but sweeping in medians began on April 22nd and boulevards are expected to begin this coming weekend.

Pedestrians and motorists are asked to please be cautious around street sweeping equipment by staying at least three car lengths away to avoid injury or damage from flying debris.

Once arterials are complete, crews will begin sweeping the downtown area before sweeping residential streets. The City is adding a new piece to the puzzle this year with Street Sweeping Alerts from Notify Red Deer.

Residents can sign up to receive a text, email or phone call reminder about parking restrictions during street sweeping in residential areas. Much like Snow Zone Alerts, residents must sign up for Notify Red Deer and select Street Sweeping Alerts in order to receive these reminders. Those who have already signed up can simply log in at and update their alert preferences.

Residential street sweeping is anticipated to start in mid-May. Residents who sign up for Street Sweeping Alerts will get a reminder when residential street sweeping starts, but a schedule will be available on The City’s website at

-Submitted by the City of Red Deer