Street sweepers rolling into downtown and residential areas

Street sweepers rolling into downtown and residential areas

Schedule updates are available online at

Street sweepers will sweep downtown streets on Sunday and move onto residential streets on Monday.

Crews will complete sweeping on arterial boulevards, medians and adjacent sidewalks this week, moving into the downtown area on Sunday and residential areas on Monday, May 14th starting in Riverside Meadows, Fairview, Oriole Park West and Oriole Park.

Residents are encouraged to sign up for Street Sweeping Alerts with Notify Red Deer to get a text, email or phone call reminder before parking restrictions take effect in their area.

Residents can sign up or update their account online at

Grey Routes (residential streets) will be swept first in the following sequence – Riverside Meadows, Fairview, Oriole Park West, Oriole Park, Highland Green, Highland Green Estates, Normandeau, Glendale Park Estates, Glendale, Johnstone Park, Johnstone Crossing, Kentwood West, Kentwood East, Kingsgate, Pines, West Park, Westlake, South Hill, Bower, Sunnybrook South, Inglewood West, Ironstone, Vanier Woods, Vanier East, Lonsdale, Lancaster Meadows, Lancaster Green, Aspen Ridge, Anders South, Anders Park East, Anders Park, Sunnybrook, Morrisroe, Morrisroe Extension, Deer Park Estates, Devonshire, Davenport, Deer Park Village, Eastview Estates, Eastview, Mountview, Grandview, Parkvale, Woodlea, Waskasoo, Michener Hill, Clearview Meadows, Rosedale Estates, Rosedale Meadows, Timberstone, Timberlands, College Park, Clearview Ridge and Garden Heights.

Once local residential streets are swept, crews will return to sweep Green Routes (collector roads and bus routes) in the same above sequence.

Pedestrians and motorists are asked to be cautious around street sweeping equipment by staying at least three car lengths away to avoid injury or damage from flying debris.

Information and schedule updates are available online at

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