Sports musings

  • Oct. 17, 2012 3:26 p.m.

There are to many things to write about this week and not enough room to get them all in so this time I decided to reach into the dark depths of my gray matter for this bit of scribbling.

Is it bad luck or good timing with regard to the NHL lockout/strike/temper tantrum?

With such great baseball playoffs in both leagues, the CFL getting closer to playoff time and the NFL in full swing, the focus is off the hockey players not playing.

Evidence of what hockey writers are scrambling to fill with was on the web earlier this week when a Calgary writer scratched out a few words about the impact of the XL beef issue with regard to Central Alberta ranchers Brent Sutter and Curtis Glencross.

Watching the closers for Baltimore, Detroit and Washington struggle makes me really appreciate how overpowering Mariano Rivera was from almost day one.

Could some person with pull at TSN please tell Glen Suitor and Duane Forde not to make up things about a play and then stick to that explanation even after the replay from several angles shows them to be well off the mark?

I heard a rumour about an area hockey association cutting players from a five year old team. I don’t know if it was fact but if it was then somebody should be hauled out in front of the parents to explain this puzzling decision.

The call during game one of the Yankees/Tigers series at second base was about the worst call by an umpire in the absolute best position to make the right call. The cry immediately goes up for instant replay and the traditionalists will argue it takes the human element out of the game but if the right call is made then maybe baseball should get on with it.

Public relations groups in the sports world should take a look at two Red Deer folk who are a pair of the best when it comes to making sure sports people are taken care of for interviews and such.

A tip of the hat to Cam Moon with the Red Deer Rebels and P.J. Swales of Red Deer College fame. They have never let me down when it comes to getting access to coaches and players for a story.