Singing the praises of Ashley and Friends Playschool

  • Aug. 24, 2010 3:22 p.m.

As parents, we want the best for our children and want our kids to know everything and anything they can to be prepared for their future.

With great appreciation to Ashley and Friends Playschool in Red Deer, my son began his future in school on the right track.

What a wonderful playschool, an amazing program, and kind and caring teachers who made both the children and parents feel comfortable and at ease.

There is a calmness about these ladies that instantly makes everyone feel relaxed and secure; a reassurance for all parents to know that their children are in very capable and confident hands.

Throughout the year that my son attended Ashley and Friends Playschool, I was completely blown away with the education he was receiving, as well as the level of socializing and activity he had.

My expectations of playschool was to have my son learn to share and socialize with other children – that is what I thought playschool was going to be about.

The teachers at Ashley and Friends Playschool went above and beyond these limits, surpassing all my expectations! Their idea that “all children can learn if it is made fun” was inconceivable.

Imagine 25 children, between the ages of three and four, in one classroom, all shouting out the correct letters of the alphabet and the corresponding sound the letter makes, while the teacher is holding up the flashcard, all the children shouting out their numbers from one to 10, printing those numbers, printing their names, printing the entire alphabet in both upper and lower case letters, knowing their colors and shapes, singing adorable and entertaining songs, having stories told to them, creative crafts, free play and learning things about the world.

This is what we experienced with Ashley and Friends Playschool. My son learned so much from this school, but most importantly he had fun doing so. It was amazing.

The teachers at Ashley and Friends have a true investment in these children, and I feel so fortunate to be able to experience the next two years with my youngest son at Ashley and Friends Playschool as well.

If there is a way we can teach our children everything we want them to know while having fun at the same time, we all should go for it.

My oldest son is completely ready for kindergarten, and in my opinion it is because of the efforts and investment of the teachers at Ashley and Friends Playschool. I highly recommend this school to all parents who want their children to have a great learning experience while at the same time be able to play and have fun!

On behalf of everyone who has attended this playschool, I would like to thank the teachers for all their effort and hard work.

Your dedication, kindness and invested interest in our kids, the future of this world, have not gone unnoticed.

You have gone above and beyond your call of duty as playschool teachers and we can not thank you enough. Ashley and Friends is a playschool where both children and their parents look forward to going to school!

Andrea Briggs

Red Deer