Show your support at a charity golf tourney

  • Jul. 25, 2012 3:53 p.m.

If you think about it, it’s a very simple concept.

Get a bunch of people together of varying levels of ability, charge them an entry fee, turn them loose on one of the great golf courses in the area and do some good for a local group.

Every week during the summer there is a fundraising golf tournament in Central Alberta with organizers hoping the weather cooperates long enough for their tournament to finish and the golfers can sit back, relax and enjoy their supper along with celebrating their great and not so great shots on the course that day.

I’ve been to a few of these tournaments in my time and for the most part, the players are eager to cut a cheque for their entry fee because they know the money is going to do something valuable within the district.

A couple of recent tournaments which come to mind are the Red Deer College annual at the Red Deer Golf and Country Club which supports the Scholarship Foundation at the College. If you have had the chance to be at this tournament you know they have guest speakers which are students and can speak to the value of post secondary education along with how thankful they are to get to where they are going with your help.

The Young Guns tournament at Alberta Springs Golf Course sends coin into many different directions including a rehabilitation scholarship through the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation. The scholarship, totaling $2,500 dollars, will be awarded annually to a person looking at advanced education in the field of rehabilitation or related disciplines.

Now you might have missed out on those two and maybe you are looking to share your hard earned money with the region.

Well, you are in luck because the annual Alberta Sports Hall of Fame tournament at the Innisfail Golf Course is coming up Aug. 9th and they still have some room for players.

The hall, in case you have never noticed, is tucked alongside the northbound lane of the QEII Hwy., right in our own backyard.

The money raised from this event goes towards the programs and exhibits the hall offers up to everyone in order to maintain our link with the people who have made their mark in the world of sports and made sports in Alberta what it is today.

So if you can swing it (pun intended) then contact the hall and get out on the links Aug. 9th.