Secondary suite committee disbanded

Since being started in December 2009 the Secondary Suite Regulation Ad Hoc Committee has submitted a lot of reports, but has now seen its final days.

City council voted unanimously to disband the committee after not moving forward with the secondary suite licensing program that had been reviewed.

“It needs to be clear that disbanding the committee was a unanimous decision. This was a great model for future committees,” said Councillor Lynne Mulder.

Mulder added that disbanding the committee is the best course of action as the work they had set out to do is complete.

“It was time for it to go. They did a great job. There were always reports to look at and we always had the information available to us.”

The purpose of the committee was to provide insight, advice and potential changes to administration on matters relating to the land-use bylaw and development permit application process respective to secondary suites.

The original idea behind the committee was to be able to move ahead with a bylaw for the purpose of tracking and monitoring approved secondary suites.

Though the bylaw did not pass and council voted against implementation of a secondary suite bylaw after two years of debate, council felt that the committee had done its job well.

“We thank everyone who sat on that committee because I think we broke a lot of new ground,” said Mayor Morris Flewwelling.

Flewwelling also said he feels that the larger centres like Calgary and Edmonton may even take a look at the work that was done with the committee and move ahead with their own bylaws regarding secondary suites.

“It was a perfect model for a committee and it was really good work done by all.”