Safe RDC app provides interactive resources for those at the college

Safe RDC app provides interactive resources for those at the college

Red Deer College launched new app for those to stay informed and safe

Red Deer College has launched a new app, Safe RDC, which will help everyone at the College to stay informed and safe on campus. The app, which can be used by students, faculty, staff and visitors, provides another way for people to contact security and access relevant resources in an accessible, interactive format.

“We wanted a notification system that had increased reliability in reaching our RDC community during emergencies,” said Dan Sarrasin, manager, security and emergency response at RDC. “This APP can be used by people with data plans; however, if the users don’t have data plans then they can use it if they only have WiFi, as well.”

In addition to providing emergency contact information and crisis alerts, the features of the app include safewalk and friend walk links, tips on reporting a crime, a safety toolbox, campus maps and more.

“We are so pleased to be able to offer these features to our community, all in a single app,” said Sarrasin. “One of the new and unique features that I am very proud of is the support services information we have added. This section of the app contains information on some of our critical resources at RDC, such as security, mental health and counselling, safety and wellness, residence, Indigenous Student Services, reporting sexual violence, and connecting with the Students’ Association.”

Safe RDC is available for free. To download on an Apple device, type SAFE RDC in the app store. For all other devices, type in SAFERDC. Alternatively, those interested in downloading the app can scan the QR codes, available on campus.

-Submitted by Red Deer College