Reptile show to take place in City

  • Aug. 20, 2014 4:01 p.m.

If it slithers, slides or has scales, patrons are bound to find it at the upcoming fifth annual Western Canadian Reptile Expo on Aug. 23rd-24th at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Centre.

Officials with the Western Canada’s largest reptile expo said they have a jam-packed line up of vendors bringing a bigger and better show than ever before.

With vendors from across Canada bringing their reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and invertebrates to the City, Greg West, promoter for the expo said patrons will find a wide range of all things reptile and amphibian at the show.

He added the show hosts a variety of animals every year including common geckos, snakes and bearded dragons – however, the show has come to be known for having a large display of rare breeds of reptiles.

“You’ll see a lot of animals that are great for the beginner – leopard geckos, bearded dragons, corn snakes and ball pythons are always very popular, but then you do get the breeders who will bring the rare animals that you definitely don’t see every day,” said West.

“Many of the tortoises available at the show you’ll tend not to see anywhere else or at least as often, as well as a lot different kinds of big snakes such as boa constrictors, larger pythons and you’ll get to see all of the different colours they can come in.”

This years show will also host a ‘Kid’s Corner’ organized by the Alberta Reptiles and Amphibians Society, in which children can have the opportunity to handle an array of animals. They can also get their face painted as well.

While reptiles were once considered to be a specialty pet, West said that in recent years he has seen a mainstream trend when it comes to owning reptiles and amphibians.

This in turn has lead to a growing population of reptile owners and enthusiasts and growing support for the expo.

“The show has grown over the years and this year we hope to continue to grow our variety of vendors. Every year we see different animals than the year before and it’s always exciting to see the different species and there’s always some thing for every level of hobbyist.”

Organizers invite enthusiasts to purchase a VIP pass to the expo for a cost of $20, which grants them early entry and allows first pick for purchasing of any animals at the show.

While doors open at 10 a.m. on Aug. 23rd and 11 a.m. on Aug. 24th, VIP pass holders may enter the event an hour earlier.

General admission tickets will be selling for $7 each or $20 for a family of four.