created on Friday 1/20/2017 at 11:35:03 am by Zachary Cormier

created on Friday 1/20/2017 at 11:35:03 am by Zachary Cormier

Red Deer high school football player signs with Dinos

Jacob Plamondon signs with the University of Calgary Dinos

  • Jan. 23, 2017 3:13 p.m.

Jacob Plamondon was beaming from ear to ear as he sat down beside University of Calgary Dinos head football coach Wayne Harris with pen in hand at Notre Dame High School last week.

“I started football four years ago and it’s awesome to see where it’s come now,” said the towering NDHS Cougars defensive end, who officially signed his commitment to play CIS football at the U of C last Thursday afternoon.

Plamondon has been an anchor on the Cougars’ defense ever since he first slipped on one of the school’s white and blue uniforms back in Gr. 10.

Now, three seasons later, the Gr. 12 student is poised to take the next step in his football journey with one of the top football programs in Canada.

“They were the first school to come to me, as well, so that was really appealing to see a team so invested in me, so I think that was the biggest attraction for me,” Plamondon said.

Tipping the scales at an intimidating six-foot-three, 220 lbs., Plamondon’s quickness and ability to get off the line quickly and put pressure on the quarterback was a huge factor in the Dinos’ decision to recruit him, Harris said.

“When I watched him playing midget ball this past spring I just could see what a quick football player he is,” noted the Dinos’ helmsman.

Harris said Plamondon has a blend of skills which reminds him of current Dinos linemen Connor McGough and Cory Robinson, both of whom are All-Canadians and are entering the CFL draft this season.

“He’s got a nice blend between those two players and he’s a great fit for the systems that we run.”

Cougars Head Coach Gino Castellan said Plamondon has grown tremendously both as a football player and as a person since joining the team.

“Jacob’s a good athlete. He picks up things very well, so it was an easy transition for him coming into Grade 1o and playing football. It was almost natural. He got better every year,” Castellan said, noting that it’s always a good feeling to see players move on to play in university after graduating from the football program.

Plamondon got involved in football in Gr. 9 after being encouraged by some of his coaches to give the sport a try.

“It was mostly just a bunch of coaches who saw that I was a little taller than most people, so they were like, ‘Come play football.’ I tried it and I was hooked. Loved it,” he recalled adding that there are a number of factors that have kept him coming back.

“You build a really great bond with the people that you meet. The culture of the sport, the aggression. I enjoy it,” he said adding that he’s going to be working hard on his technique in the off-season in order to be ready to take the field with the Dinos come training camp.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how their team works on the field and stuff like that and just be with them.”

Castellan said that Plamondon has always let his play on the field speak for him.

“He’s quiet. He leads by example and doesn’t say a whole lot. He’s a great student, he’s a great kid.”