Red Deer continues to grow according to 2011 census

Since the 2010 census, Red Deer has grown by 1.99% and is home to 1,793 new residents for a total of 91,877 Red Deerians.

The communities that have seen some of the most growth include Lancaster, Sunnybrook, Glendale and Riverside Meadows.

“It was great to see continued growth in Red Deer again. It remains encouraging that we are still a growing City,” said Elaine Vincent, manager of Legislative and Governance Services with the City of Red Deer.

After coming out of a poor year for economic growth, Vincent said it was especially nice to see the growth.

Red Deer residents’ average age is 33, which represents 50.9% of the population.

In a 10 year time frame, Red Deer has grown from 68,308 residents to its current total; an increase of 23,569 people.

This year’s census was a little bit different than in past years as it also asked residents about social media and smart phone usage.

The information gathered is intended to help the City officials determine how to present information to the public as well as how to better meet citizens’ needs, said Julie Harvie-Shemko, communications manager with the City.

The inquiries about social media and smart phone usage revealed that 21,348 households use social media including facebook, Twitter, smart phones, Myspace and others.

“We greatly appreciate that our citizens are so willing to provide the information we require on an annual basis,” said Vincent.

The census is conducted on an annual basis and is a count of the number of people living in the City. The data is then used to assist in the planning of the community and for calculating grants.

The City receives specific funding based on population including $60 per capita for the Provincial Transportation Capital Grant. Other grants based on population include the Provincial Family and Community Support Services Grant and the Federal/Provincial Government Infrastructure Grants.

“Without the participation and cooperation of our residents we would be unable to gain this important information,” said Vincent.

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