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Red Deer and area residents embrace energy efficiency

Red Deer one of the top in Alberta for participation in home improvement and online incentives

When it comes to adopting Energy Efficiency practices and using the many programs available to Albertans, Central Alberta is leading the way.

Energy Efficiency Alberta CEO Monica Curtis was in Red Deer today and provided an update to an event on the agency’s first year of operations.

 Red Deer had one of the highest per capita participation rates in the Residential No-Charge Energy Savings program with one out of every 10 homes (a total of 4,778 homes) taking advantage of this program to upgrade to energy efficiency products such as smart thermostats, smart power bars and more than 100,000 LED lightbulbs.

 Red Deer was one of the top communities in Alberta for participation in home improvement and online incentives, with 285 participants adding insulation, replacing windows, opting for drain water heat recovery or installing a tankless hot water heater.

 483 online rebates were issued for high-efficiency appliances including clothes washers, furnaces, refrigerators and smart thermostats. As well, 22 Red Deer retailers offered in-store savings to shoppers over the course of three previous Instant Savings campaigns.

 Business programs are delivering even bigger benefits. Nearly 200 Red Deer and area businesses – retail stores, manufacturing facilities, convenience stores and offices – realized the benefits of the Business Energy Savings Program and took advantage of $1.4 million in energy-saving incentives.

 16 solar projects completed in Red Deer (15 residential and one commercial) valued at over $450,000. This includes Energy Efficiency Alberta incentives of over $110,000.

Red Deer College recently took advantage of Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Residential and Commercial Solar program that helped the college install over 2,500 solar modules on one of their campus rooftops. The modules are expected to produce approximately 970,000 kwh of electricity annually or enough to power 135 homes for one year.

Speaking at Red Deer College, Curtis participated in a Red Deer Chamber of Commerce panel discussion with Joel Ward, Red Deer College President and CEO, and Jason Mudry, Director of Campus Management on how Alberta businesses are benefiting from the new energy economy.

“Through advances in alternative energy and energy efficiency, Alberta’s new energy economy is benefiting today’s students, creating new jobs, driving economic growth, and helping make businesses more competitive and productive,” said Curtis. “Alberta’s economy is growing – by $475 million – through investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy, helping create more than 2,300 jobs.”

-Submitted by Energy Efficiency Alberta