Pothole crews take aim at Red Deer roads 

  • Mar. 21, 2012 3:21 p.m.

Pothole crews are out and about on Red Deer roads working alongside snow crews. The main focus over the next few weeks is on repairing and filling potholes, but also ensuring that catch basins and manholes are free of any debris and ice and allow for proper drainage

“We are trying to make repairs as quickly as possible to improve roadway conditions throughout the city,” said Jim Chase, Public Works superintendent. “At this time of year when we are experiencing numerous freeze/thaw cycles the potholes are definitely starting to appear on City streets.”

Potholes are caused when moisture enters a crack in the pavement, then freezes and expands in cold temperatures. The expansion puts pressure on the crack, causing the asphalt to break away, resulting in a pothole. Vehicle traffic over the pothole can cause the edges to crumble, which increases the size. Some potholes in Red Deer will require repeated temporary patching until the street dries and permanent patching can be done. Potholes that are determined to be a hazard will be given immediate attention.

“If a pothole is full of water, it’s impossible to tell how deep it is,” said Chase. “Therefore, motorists are reminded to slow down whenever they encounter a pothole or a pool of water to avoid the possibility of vehicle damage and splashing pedestrians. It is the motorist’s responsibility to avoid driving through water-filled potholes throughout the city over the coming weeks.”

Residents are encouraged to help the City locate potholes by reporting them to Public Works department at 403-342-8238. A foreman will determine the patching priority for each report and, if necessary, will place a gate or cone to warn motorists, cyclists and pedestrians of the location.

For more information on road repairs or spring melting, visit www.reddeer.ca.