Partnership to benefit nursing students

  • Feb. 5, 2014 6:18 p.m.

Red Deer College and Canadian University College (CUC) have completed a unique agreement that will afford nursing students the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of both campuses.

The four-year agreement, signed last week, will provide up to eight seats for CUC students to join RDC students in the University of Alberta Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Red Deer College. While students will continue to live at the university campus of CUC, they will take their courses at RDC where they will work to attain the degree.

The agreement targets students who would typically opt for a faith-based education, but are also interested in RDC’s renowned BScN program.

Mark Haynal, CUC president, is excited about the opportunity this collaboration with Red Deer College provides for CUC students. “Canadian University College students want to serve their communities with confidence, competence, and compassion. Many of our students and their families regard professions in the health care field as an important way to meet their communities’ needs. The opportunity to earn a nursing degree at Red Deer College while living on the Canadian University College campus allows our students to realize their dreams of compassionate service.”

Students first apply to CUC, and, once accepted, are eligible to go through the competitive entry process for entry into the BScN program at RDC. They must meet the program requirements outlined by RDC.

With the current shortage of registered nurses in Alberta, post-secondary institutions like RDC are working to find innovative ways to increase seats in already over-subscribed programs in the province.

The agreement is inspired by Campus Alberta, a provincial government concept introduced in 2002. The concept encourages Alberta’s post-secondary institutions to work together to make Alberta’s post-secondary system a leader. RDC President Joel Ward says the agreement is at the core of Campus Alberta values.

“This agreement is an excellent example of the collaboration that’s possible between post-secondary institutions in the province,” he said. “We’re always striving to create the learning experience that fits each student’s needs, and CUC came to us with an excellent opportunity to do just that.”

Red Deer College has offered the BScN through an agreement with the University of Alberta since 1990. Though the degree is conferred by the University of Alberta, students are able to complete all of their coursework at RDC. Along with the eight seats opened through the agreement, RDC currently offers 96 seats in the program.

The agreement officially commences on March 1 of this year.

– Fawcett