Parent hoping to find winter space for club

  • Sep. 26, 2012 3:22 p.m.

With the obesity issues going on with our youth and the couch potatoes created by the video gaming world it was refreshing to find out there were other options for kids who were not interested in sports.

When my son told me about Knight Haven it really peaked my interest in signing him up.

This organization is a real time role playing fun time for all ages. The kids learn about times like the renaissance, Viking era, the crafts and history of the times. They have battles with soft weapons (which the kids seem to like the best) and have to earn their way up ranks to wear certain armour and climb the ladder to knighthood.

What the kids haven’t figured out yet and parents of the organization love is the fact the kids are learning history as they enjoy the play.

While listening to the leader give the kids the weekly updates last meet I came to hear the club does not have an indoor space to hold the winter battles in Red Deer.

You see the club leaders are from as far away as Edmonton and Calgary to come to Red Deer every week to provide this type of club to our children. (The club welcomes adult members as well).

There are just over 30 members in Red Deer and as the club becomes more well known, I have no doubt the membership will climb.

When you child comes home saying they absolutely loved something, as a mother I thought writing this letter was the least I could do to try and find them a place for the winter meets.

Angie Garcia

Red Deer