NFL officials are not thinking rationally

  • Aug. 27, 2014 3:29 p.m.

There needs to be some drug testing done in the National Football League and I’m not talking about the players.

The tall foreheads running the show from their bunker have got to be on something mind-altering and there needs to be an intervention.

During a pre-season game between Washington and Cleveland, Browns rookie QB Johnny Manziel flipped the bird to the defensive line of the Skins.

No big deal right? This same line had been taunting Johnny Football all night long and a flag was never tossed so fair is fair, right?

Not to the corporate media buffoons in the ‘No Fun League’. They started talking of fines and/or suspensions for Manziel because of this gesture.

Are you kidding me?

Anyone who has ever sat close to a sideline or behind the bench at a football, baseball or hockey game has heard and seen plenty more. It happens and that is just a fact.

But to talk about a possible suspension?

A player knocks the daylights out of his wife and you level two games against him? Not nearly enough in any world where the sky is blue but if that’s where the bar is set then how does this come into play at all?

Another player tested positive for ecstasy and he got four games. Drugs are bad. Assault not so much and don’t you make any gestures either.

I’m not sure the people in the rules division of the NFL have a clue as to what those rules are and what needs to be done when something goes off the tracks.

So you can trash talk an opponent and you are good to go but flash a finger in response and you get hauled onto the carpet?

This stuff happens all the time in a game and there is never an outcry but because Johnny is the new NFL bad boy, he gets ripped for the way he handled this bit.

This is way beyond the thinking of rational people.

Hand your cup over to the nurse please for testing once you are done.