Musings on the current NHL situations

Lots to talk about with all the hockey drama

  • Nov. 9, 2016 5:02 p.m.

What is happening right now? As a hockey fan, I feel like reality has decided to take me on a little holiday to opposite land, where Gary Bettman is cheered everywhere he goes and where Sean Avery is the most beloved man in hockey (wow, that was a dated reference).

Maybe those first two aren’t really true, but perhaps more implausibly, the Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers are currently among the top five teams in the NHL.

Remember a few months ago when we were all laughing at the Habs and Oilers for making what we thought were the two dumbest trades in history? Seems like a long time ago now, doesn’t it? All of a sudden we’re just a few months away from those teams playing each other in the Stanley Cup final.

Ok, let’s not go that far.

Habs fans don’t get too smug.

This happened last year, remember? Then Carey Price got hurt and suddenly it became apparent that your team was essentially a house of cards in a wind tunnel.

Also how do you lose 10-0 to the Colombus Blue Jackets of all teams? I mean if you’re going to get spanked that badly at least do it against the Blackhawks or something.

Yes, you’ve got Weber and I’m sure that feels very good, but he’s got the worst contract in the league so tell me how that’s going in like five years. I’m sure he’ll definitely still be contending for the Norris.

And Oilers fans, wipe that smug grin off your faces.

Connor McDavid’s been freaking great and all. In fact, he might be the best player in the league and he’s only 19. But just ask Mike Babcock what happens when you try to make a 19-year-old sophomore play 18 minutes of ice time.

“You jam a guy out there like every shift and like three in a row, stuff like that? It’s hard to have the same pop man,” Babcock told reporters after his Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Oilers 3-2 in overtime after McDavid gave the puck away to Nazem Kadri of all people. (Note: I am writing this before Crosby and McDavid play each other on Tuesday night, so if McJesus somehow scores five goals please disregard the previous point).

Also, you signed Kris Russell so you might be laughing now, but wait until you have to talk to some CORSI nerd in a sports bar. You’ll get your comeuppance for that, I guarantee it.

What, bitter? Me? Nah. My Flames signed Kris Versteeg from right under your noses! What would I be bitter about? *starts crying*

Ok, deep breaths.

Sorry about that, just needed to get that off my chest. This latest California road trip’s been tough on me. (How is it possible to lose 24 straight games in a particular building? I don’t understand!)

In all seriousness, it’s still early in the season and we’ve still got a long ways to go before it’s time to start seriously talking about teams who are going to be cup competitors this year.

That being said, it’s still kind of nice to see two Canadian teams on top of the standings for once.

Even if the Flames aren’t one of them (just give them time, they’ll be great – I’m sure of it).

So, Oilers and Habs fans, I say enjoy the early success.

To be honest, I think both of your teams have the potential to be Cup contenders in the near future. And how much fun is the Battle of Alberta going to be for the next few years? Gaudreau and McDavid playing against each other? That’s awesome.

But even with a great start, it’s still hockey and anything can happen. Please don’t burn my house down.