Muffling the mufflers

  • Aug. 31, 2010 8:13 p.m.

Edmonton has decided to crack down on loud mufflers. There is a saying that bikers use: ‘Loud pipes save lives.’

Do motorcycles have horns? A quick honk would be just as effective to alert others to your presence as a drawn out muffler sound. So the saying must be just an excuse to sound cool.

The ears of kids and babies are hurt by the sound of revved up pipes ringing off the buildings. It will not risk the lives of bikers if we crack down on their pipes.

Let’s hush the pipes of bikers to save the ears of babies. Let that be Red Deer’s own saying on this issue. I know, some cars and trucks are loud. Let’s crack down on them too.

Let’s be as brave and sensible as Edmonton. Let’s get a bylaw and then enforce it.

Mark Gaboury

Red Deer