‘Mud Hero’ coming up

  • Jul. 30, 2014 4:41 p.m.

Mud Hero is coming back and that means it is time for Albertans to get down and dirty at Canyon Ski Hill.

“Albertans enjoy the outdoors, they’re generally active and they enjoy doing this kind of thing,” said co-founder Ted McLeod. “That brush can be used to sweep most Canadians, but I think Albertans especially enjoy this style of event.”

The event takes place over three days, from Aug. 8th-10th at Canyon Ski Hill. The course includes over 15 obstacles, with four mud pits for competitors to enjoy.

It is expected to draw 18,000 competitors over three days. Each year, the Canyon Ski Hill race draws the largest crowd of any course across Canada.

Mud Hero provides an opportunity for challengers to take part in a 6km obstacle course to test their physicality and their ability to enjoy themselves. It’s a stress-free way to raise awareness of a local cancer charity while seeing who in your friend circle can embrace mud the most.

This year, Mud Hero Red Deer will be supporting the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Race competitors are encouraged to make a donation to the Foundation and to take in some information regarding the charity.

“We just try to encourage folks to raise money for the charity, and most of the charities really appreciate the awareness piece of it as well. It’s about advertising (for the charity) and getting the word out.”

This year, the course will feature old favourites such as water slides, a pole slide and of course, multiple mud pits. New to the event will be obstacles such as Kong, which entails the participant climbing a 20-ft. wall, crossing a rope net and heading down the opposite wall.

McLeod says that there are, “A few tricks up the sleeve,” and that competitors will face other challenges that won’t be explained until event day.

Mud Hero is still relatively new to Canada. McLeod and his business partner, Adam Ruppel saw an opportunity for Mud Hero in 2011, after noticing more and more extreme obstacle events and the lack of fun-oriented race style events.

“We saw an opening for an event that was more geared towards having fun, and challenging yourself and friends, but not necessarily jumping over fire and getting electrocuted. That’s how Mud Hero was born.”

Spots fill up quickly, though there are still a limited amount of spots for entry. To enter, head to mudhero.com and navigate the web site to the Red Deer event.