Matt Chapin puts his name forward as nominee for UCP in Red Deer North

Matt Chapin puts his name forward as nominee for UCP in Red Deer North

Chapin says hospital is of big concern

Matt Chapin has registered as a nominee for the UCP in the riding of Red Deer North.

And it’s not Chapin’s first time running in a race, as he’s ran in the last four municipal elections in Red Deer, where he’s built many relationships with councillors and members of the community.

“I’ve always thought about running in other elections but for me I wasn’t a big fan of the old PC party, even though I consider myself of being somewhat conservative, but when the two parties merged up and Jason Kenney took over he was more for the people,” said Chapin.

Born in Calgary, Chapin’s family moved to Red Deer when he was just 1o.

He said growing up in a single parent home, with his mother struggling with mental health issues, he said he’s never grown up working for parties in the elite political world.

“I want to fully represent the people who I want to run for in Red Deer North. I’d be the MLA for Red Deer North first and then the UCP caucus second if I ever got elected. For me, I just want to be that person who’s there for the people,” said Chapin.

One of the big issues he sees in Red Deer is the Red Deer Regional Hospital, an issue he heard from the community when he ran in the City election back in October.

“One thing I’d like to see is not just expanding the current Red Deer Hospital but start looking at potentially building a second hospital in the City.”

He added that the hospital serves way more than just Red Deer.

“What we have right now is just not enough. There’s just nowhere near enough beds for the region that the hospital services.”

He said that he would also like to see more representation for vulnerable people and seniors in the community and added that if he were voted in, he would want to hold town hall meetings for the residents to hear what their concerns are.

“I wouldn’t just stand behind the current leader of the UCP but I’d want to work beside him as I try to represent the people of Red Deer.”