Looking for the silver lining after the storm

Hopefully everyone is OK after our last round of storms here in Central Alberta.

I was travelling home from Kelowna on July 12 and as I approached Red Deer it was like entering a cave, dark and foreboding. The amount of rain we have received has broken records and has caused sell outs of fans and mops in hardware stores everywhere.

If you are like me and are emptying a basement of water, I sympathize with you! My recently renovated basement is standing in several inches of water and the new flooring will probably have to be taken to the dump. Very frustrating and sad and a lot of work to bring it back to normal, my pets are confused as to why their ‘hangout’ place is full of water!

Maybe it is my nature and possibly I’m a little design obsessed but I was actually sitting downstairs yesterday running my shop vac while contemplating a different wall colour! I immediately realized that I was being silly as this colour is only seven months old but I was telling myself that this is a chance to start over. This can be the silver lining in your current disaster.

As often as homeowners go through challenges and cleanups such as this, there is always the opportunity to start fresh and re-create a space. Even though I was 100% content with my basement renovation I’m sure there will be certain little changes I will make as we rebuild our TV room.

When and if you get the chance to re-create a space whether by choice or by force (of nature), ensure that things are completed to the highest standard. By this I mean try not to cut corners, work steadily and choose the best possible products you can afford, you will be happier with your project in the end. The tendency I have in these situations is to rush though to get the project done quickly.

We talked about putting in a sump and didn’t do it at the time of renovation – this probably could have saved us quite a bit of trouble now. Use high quality materials such as carpet pad and paint – the little ‘unseen’ things.

Most of all, try to stay positive! I know this can be difficult when you are wading through water and your carpet is beginning to float. It is a devastating loss but please know that there are companies out there who are professional and willing to help.

Our experience with restoration can be a great comfort in a time of crisis and we want to help you recreate that space you loved so much.

There is an old proverb I copied and stuck into a favorite book of mine, it is worth reading when we are in the midst of difficult circumstances:

The barn has burned down, now I can see the moon.

Stay positive, stay dry and feel free to call if you have questions about your restoration project.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Feel free to contact her at 343-7711 ext 227, email her at klewis@carpetcolourcentre.com or join her facebook group called “Ask a Designer”