Local smoker speaks out

  • Feb. 6, 2013 4:11 p.m.

The non/ex-smokers have mostly won their battle.

We smokers are on the run for sure!

I am 76 years of age, a law abiding citizen, have never driven drunk in fact I don’t drink, do not ‘do’ drugs, don’t speed while driving, raised a family, earned my retirement, pay all my taxes and bills on time etc.

But I do enjoy smoking a cigarette which apparently is now a criminal offence.

We see no smoking signs everywhere.

Is it about time we are told where we may smoke?

Patients and visitors to the Red Deer Hospital are forced to go a considerable distance into the cold winter weather or rainy days. (Hospital staff can be seen out there too).

This same situation is seen at Calgary hospitals.

Considerable fines are now in a bylaw for smoking offenders.

These fines are to be imposed on a complaint basis. If a complaint is made against me will I be able to meet my complainer face to face or is this another opportunity to complain anonymously?

Although it does not appear to be the case, smokers have rights too.

Most of us try to respect non-smokers and live with the present difficult position we are placed in. Some ashtrays placed out for us in a designated smoking area would be appreciated and leave much less mess around.

Eleanor Brown

Red Deer