Local man vying for a City council seat

  • Feb. 13, 2013 4:04 p.m.

A local man has thrown his hat into the election ring in hopes of a spot on City council.

Calvin Goulet-Jones, 26, said he’s always been interested in politics and after participating in last year’s provincial election, started thinking he might run for a City council seat. He added recent decisions made by council have only fuelled his bid.

Goulet-Jones, who is originally from B.C. and moved to Red Deer with his family in 2010, added he will focus on ‘common sense issues.’

“There’s dandelions in the parks, there’s mosquitoes, dealing with graffiti – which are common sense things, but they are the first to get cut and they are the first to destroy the beauty of a city.”

He said issues such as a ward system and bikes lanes will also be brought up during the campaign.

“Council argued on and off about the ward system being beneficial and about not being beneficial but it has nothing to with that. It has everything to do with the people having the right to decide for themselves. It has everything to do with people choosing how they ought to be governed. Council voted it down because they don’t like a ward system and they don’t think the City is ready. That is not their call.”

Goulet-Jones, who owns a tile setting company, said his passion is the fiscal side of politics.

“You look at every time council puts out a forecast they never meet it. There are a lot of things that could be done that don’t cut services or increase taxes. Just looking at the way we do things and looking at going to zero-based budgeting,” said Goulet-Jones. “People have to come and justify what they spend.”

If elected, Goulet-Jones said he would bring many assets to City council.

“I’m very passionate and I will bring a lot of passion to the system. I will bring young blood. I have three children and I plan to live here for a long time so I plan to make decisions with them in mind,” he said. “I have the ability to make the hard decisions, but I also have a belief that citizens make the hard decisions for you.

“Government should always fear the people and our government doesn’t fear the people.”

He added he is excited to be making the bid for council, especially when there is already some excitement building in the community.

“This election is going to be big. A lot of people have become extremely aware of City council. From people I have talked to, people don’t feel represented.”