Jefferies announces bid for mayor’s chair

  • Jan. 16, 2013 3:45 p.m.

Red Deer City Councillor Cindy Jefferies has announced she will run for mayor in the municipal election this fall.

“I’m very excited and it feels really good to finally say it,” she said. “I have been seriously thinking about running for mayor since September but I was having discussions with my husband, kids and family since last summer.”

She added she has already spent time in the community to gauge support.

“It’s gone amazingly well and the response I’ve received from the community has been positive. I’ve been busy over the past several months talking to Red Deerians about our City, its future and its leadership. I am encouraged and humbled by the overwhelming support I have received,” she said. “I’m passionate about our City. This year Red Deer is celebrating 100 years as a City and our population will reach 100,000 in the very near future. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be involved; I want to help you shape the next 100 years.”

Jefferies was first elected to council in 2004. She also served on the Red Deer Public School Board for nine years, six of those as chair.

“I think one of the strengths I bring is my experience on council. I think that is significant and important for the role of mayor. I have a clear understanding that council needs to work together and also represent the diverse opinions in the community.”

She added she feels it is important to participate in the community and to help it become its very best.

“Our relationships with our neighbours in Central Alberta, and the provincial and federal governments are critical. By working together we can create opportunities which attract investment and tourism and improve our community’s future,” said Jefferies. “My hope for our City is for it to be an exceptional place for businesses of all sizes, and a wonderful place to live for those who call Red Deer home.

“It’s important for us to understand clearly our community priorities and values, it will help us collectively decide where to invest our time, effort and money to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives here. We’ll know which projects to do and then do them in the best order.”

“As I begin this journey, and Red Deer begins its next century, I invite the citizens of Red Deer to share their thoughts, dreams and passion for our City. Imagine the opportunities – imagine the difference we will make together.”

She added she is looking forward to hitting the campaign trail.

“I am looking forward to hearing from the community more and more and I look forward to being at the farmer’s market and at community barbeques as well.”