Honouring the Generals

  • Apr. 24, 2013 3:07 p.m.

There is a sport analogy which refers to a traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs in context with how athletes are part of a team striving for a goal.

The gist of the speech is how some players make a contribution to the team and others are making a commitment to the cause, with the end game being getting everyone on board even though it won’t be easy.

Simply put – the chicken makes a contribution but the pig makes a commitment.

Professional athletes are always asked to play the role of the pig because, well, that’s their job so one would think the all in for one cause would be a natural but we have seen some of the pros ‘mail it in’ over the course of a year in various sports.

Now when a fan looks closely at the senior hockey loop in this country, one has to marvel at the commitment these players are making in a game they don’t get paid to play.

The large majority need to balance work with family and the game they love to play. Of course it takes a huge commitment on the part of all involved or this doesn’t come together. This applies to senior hockey, football, baseball, basketball and the list goes on.

I mean talent can take you only so far but over the course of a year there needs to be something more, that intangible inside of an athlete which brings out the absolute best of each player.

The end result of that formula was put on display for all to see at the Red Deer Arena as the Allan Cup was fought for and won by the Bentley Generals.

It’s the second time the Generals have won what many suggest is one of the more difficult national titles to win. That takes some doing.

The players have changed slightly from the team which captured the cup a few years back in Manitoba but for all intents and purposes, the commitment from this group was just as complete.

This team is always at or near the top when it comes to the Chinook League and it carries forward to the provincial and national battles as well.

So when it all plays out, the Generals seem to be able to bring the pig to the table more often than not and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Congratulations to the Bentley Generals on the team’s second Allan Cup.