Honouring Doug Cox

  • May. 14, 2014 3:13 p.m.

In the world of sports you meet so many people who help you with your skills as an athlete.

Coaches, trainers, your parents – they all have a hand somewhere along the line when it comes to giving you what you need in order to get to the next level.

In the game of golf, we turn to our local professional when something has gone south on us and there is a glimmer of hope he or she can fix it.

All these folks can make you feel better about what it is you are doing while you are playing your sport but there are other people who help in another way and most remain behind the scenes.

Last week the Central Alberta golf community lost one of those people who never officially corrected a swing flaw, never passed along a putting tip, never advised you on what ball to play or clubs to buy.

Nope, all Doug Cox did was make you feel welcome when you walked into the clubhouse at Balmoral Golf Course east of Red Deer.

Doug passed away last week after spending 22 years working the front desk at Balmoral.

He was the first person you would talk to generally when you booked a tee time over the phone.

He was normally the first person you would see when you walked into the clubhouse to check in before your round.

He was also the person who made you feel like you were the only person coming out to play that day because he had that type of personality. Doug Cox knew how to treat a person right, no matter who they were. For Doug, you were a customer entering his world of customer service and he knew how to work the room.

If there was a frost delay or a thunderstorm rolling through, Doug was ready to pour you a coffee to wait it out and if there was conversation to be had he could easily strike one up, making it last as long as you wanted it to.

He was quick with a joke, ready to talk on most any subject and just flat out made the first impression of the course a very good one.

A jam-packed clubhouse following his funeral was proof how many people respected Doug Cox and underlined how much he’ll be missed.

There’s no doubt though in my mind he’s answering the phone, booking tee times somewhere and making someone feel good about being where they are.

Thanks Doug.