Hockey’s ‘dental dilemma’

  • Feb. 13, 2013 4:14 p.m.

The popular AMC series The Walking Dead has a group of people trying to avoid the zombies, one such group has labeled the dead as ‘biters.’

I’m not sure if Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mikhail Grabovski has made a cameo appearance on the show as one of the walking dead but he allegedly gave an audition of his skill during the weekend game versus arch rival Montreal.

During a scrum along the boards Montreal forward Max Pacioretty reached around Grabovski and his exposed arm was placed directly across the mouth of the Leaf forward.

It was alleged at that moment Grabovski decided to have a snack and chomped down on the arm, causing Pacioretty to wonder what just allegedly happened.

After everyone was separated and Grabovski went for the after dinner mints, Pacioretty showed the official the alleged imprint of Grabovski’s molars.

It seems the video evidence was not clear enough to show if Mickey the Tooth did in fact nibble on Pacioretty’s arm so there was no supplemental disciplinary action taken by the league and thus the story ends there.

Or does it?

For me it raises some questions about the entire incident on both sides of the ledger.

In no particular order I wonder how people could defend a bite if in fact it did happen and there were some who stated Grabovski had no choice but to clamp down because there was an arm in front of his mouth.

Umm, I’m just throwing this out there but how about choosing not to bite for starters?

Are you two years old? Are you a snapping turtle? Are you a two-year-old snapping turtle?

What if it was one of his own players reaching in to make sure he pulled his teammate away from a potential penalty or in this case, an alleged late night snack?

As for Pacioretty’s part in this – how about not grabbing another player from behind during a scrum?

The sneak attack happens all the time during games, occasionally resulting in penalties for needlessly delaying the game but the biting is a rare treat for the players. So what is the answer to solve this dental dilemma?

It might involve enforcing the rules to stop the scrums and you just may reduce the chance of alleged on-ice snacking.

But most times there are no penalties issued, the impromptu gatherings continue to delay the game and in the end that really bites.