Higher taxes not needed

  • Apr. 10, 2013 3:10 p.m.

Do research directors at the Parkland Institute get paid for the mantra they spin?

Why in the world would Albertans want taxes increased when we have a ‘government’ that has consistently shown that they cannot manage what they have now?

Increase taxes so they can continue to give bonuses to health care managers while patients die due to said ‘healthcare?’

Increase taxes so we can continue to pay to have B.C. patients returned to B.C.?

The manure from ‘institutes’ allows MLAs to parrot the ‘need’ without requiring management of any problem.

People from Red Deer should be well award of mismanagement of existing funds as per the closure of Michener Centre.

Residents cannot go to their MLA because she is too busy parroting party mantra.

The parroting is turning into parrot fever.

Where is the accountability?

Goals are set but never met but we still pay bonuses. Why do we need more taxes – so we can pay later bonuses?

Ed Powell

Red Deer