Happy at the happiest place on earth

  • Aug. 31, 2010 9:30 p.m.

I recently had an amazing opportunity to travel to Disneyland for the world premiere of their new show entitled World of Color.

It really was a magical experience from the beginning to the end.

I was able to bring along my best friend, Danielle Anderson, to join in the fun. This was her first time visiting Disneyland and that made the trip even more exciting.

I have been to Disneyland numerous times, but I have to say each visit is always better than the last. After all, it is the happiest place on earth!

We had the privilege of staying at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa which is right on the site of the park. We even had our very own entrance into the California Adventure Park.

The hotel was absolutely beautiful and I would stay there again in a heartbeat. The building had a woodsy feel to it which made it very inviting and comfortable. And the staff were so accommodating and friendly.

Being Danielle’s first trip, the staff at the hotel gave her a button and balloon to signify her experience.

Of course, this never would have been as thrilling if we wouldn’t have been in Disneyland!

During our four day trip there were many activities that we were able to partake in. We had a character breakfast with Chip and Dale and friends and we had VIP access to some attractions including the Finding Nemo ride, which is relatively new to the park.

We were also taken on a tour which allowed us to get to know the man behind the scenes of Disneyland, Walt Disney.

The night before we left to come home we were treated to a VIP viewing of Fantasmic. This show was so great and we were served drinks and dessert while watching it. There couldn’t have been a better way to finish off our trip.

All of these activities were fantastic, but I was so excited for the real reason we were in Disneyland and that was to see their latest and greatest attraction.

World of Color is unlike any show I’ve ever seen. After five years in the making it finally made its debut on June 10.

To kick off the premiere evening, Disneyland hosted a blue carpet event in the heart of California Adventure Park.

It was so much fun to be on site and to see the different celebrities. You just don’t get that kind of stuff in Red Deer!

Celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis, Teri Hatcher, Wayne Brady, John Stamos, Vanessa Hudgens and The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi walked the carpet, among other stars.

It was a lot of fun and it gave me a little glimpse of what it would be like to be reporting from the celebrity carpet at big events. It was so much fun!

After the blue carpet ended, everyone ventured over to see the main attraction of the evening – the premiere of World of Color.

The 26-minute night time show is absolutely spectacular. It incorporates water that shoots up to 200 feet in the air. It uses vibrant colours and of course has many recognizable Disney characters which are broadcast across the water which is used as a screen for the images.

There are almost 1,200 fountains involved in the show and there are more than 100,000 images featured throughout the performance.

The show has many moments where you find yourself smiling and laughing and also moments that tug on your heartstrings.

It’s a great show for both young and old and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy it.

It’s something that is a must see and until you do see it in person, you really don’t understand the magnitude of it all.

This show is highly sophisticated technically. Officials with the World of Color told media that even if the humidity is too high the images will not appear clearly and they would have to decide whether or not to put on the show that particular evening.

While watching the show, which takes place nightly in the lagoon at California Adventure Park, it’s so neat to listen to the people around you. Disney songs that everyone knows are played and people in the crowd begin dancing and singing.

I really don’t know how Disney is going to top this one.

For more information visit http://disneyland.disney.go.com.