Fundraiser set to support Kids Help Phone

A film premiere is set for June 21 at the Memorial Centre as a fundraiser for Kids Help Phone.

Set for 7 p.m., the event will showcase a short film by Bryce Evans who will also be featuring aspects of his creative project called ‘One’ which is meant to “inspire people out of their loneliness and into their dreams.”

The film captures some of Evans’ own experiences – he moved from Edmonton to Red Deer during high school and began to have feelings of loneliness as he settled into a new environment. “It goes through my life during those events, and how I came up with the idea for the project.”

The film will also solidify the ideas from photos he’s taken over the years and put them into the perspective of the life of one character as well. There are relatable themes, including segments dealing with relationships and a break-up as well.

“It’s all about loneliness and has to do with how it’s a mindset,” he explains. “We tell ourselves we are lonely, and that builds our lonely world.”

In Evans’ view, people need to turn the tables and purposely reach out to others to help break out of the trap of loneliness where misconceptions about others can also begin to take root. “Things really do change then (by reaching out), and it makes a huge difference.”

The film came together with help from Tim Ursuliak, a Motion Picture Arts student at Red Deer College.

Meanwhile, other highlights of the evening include a silent auction, refreshments and a few speeches including one by Evans and another from a representative of Kids Help Phone.

Looking ahead, Evans said there are plans for a physical interactive gallery show that would involve the photos, video recording booths and other activities to add to the user’s experience and enhance understanding. A book and documentary would be the last steps in the project.

“I’ve discovered that photography and art are really passions of mine.”

Interaction is encouraged with an online environment to support the discussion and progression of the social movement through Evan’s web site, twitter, facebook, a YouTube channel, project blog and more.

Evans describes the overall project as not only a visual representation of one of the most influential and universal struggles people endure, but a call to action to inspire change.

He points out that the interdependence among people has been drastically enhanced by globalization, but the magnitude of the disconnect seems to grow as a result of impersonal connections.

Social networking has established the epitome of superficial connection. We need to bring back the immense power of true human interaction, he said.

“It does have its pros, but I do find that it can build into that façade of having these relationships but really we’re not connected to these people in any way. We might read through the news feed what they are doing, but we don’t really talk with them.

“My mission is to break people’s schemas, to bring positive social change to our world, and to enlighten and inspire people to follow their dreams. By helping people understand the misconception of loneliness and encouraging more personal connections, both online and in person, we will change the way we interact with one another.”

Kids Help Phone’s mission is to improve the well-being of children and youth by providing anonymous and confidential professional counseling, referrals and information in English and French through technologically-based communications media.

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