Cory Kingsfield

Cory Kingsfield

Former Penhold town councillor hopes for Red Deer seat

Cory Kingsfield runs for Red Deer City council

Former Penhold Town Councillor Cory Kingsfield is hoping for a spot on Red Deer’s City council.

“One of the main reasons I decided to put my name on the ballot was because of some of the things I have seen happen over the last number of years,” he said. “I’ve been a Central Alberta resident since 2000 and I have seen a lot of things change over the years. I’m a previous peace officer with the City of Red Deer and I have seen a lot of things that can be improved with law enforcement and emergency services as well as spending. A lot of money is being spent in some places where, as a resident of the area, I believe it should be spent differently.”

Kingsfield added increases to taxes are also a concern for him.

“As a former councillor in another municipality – I spent four years on council – and in that municipality, during my tenure as councillor and deputy mayor, we didn’t increase taxes at all – in fact we decreased taxes over the four year period,” he said, adding he was elected to Penhold Town council in 2013.

As for what he would bring to Red Deer City council if elected, Kingsfield said it is his experience.

“I have a law enforcement background, so that is one of the big things that I am an advocate for as well as for emergency services and supporting our firefighters and firemedics,” he said. “My background on council – cutting taxes was the main reason I ran for council previously, but also to help the community expand and to bring the community together. I’m not in it for any other reason than to make the community better. I love the area, I love Red Deer and I call it my home.

“In my previous experience we worked on the annexation process with the surrounding County. We have also been trying to work with the City of Red Deer and the County previously to get our water services and transit – that sort of thing.”

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