Former councillor enters council race

  • Sep. 25, 2013 3:47 p.m.

A former longtime City councillor is looking to get back in the game.

Dennis Moffat announced on Monday that he will seek a council seat next month.

Moffat was a City councillor for 27 years by the end of his term in 2004.

“Looking at the situation that is coming we are going to be blessed with a pretty new council and my thought was they are going to need somebody with experience,” he said. “I do miss it. I miss the thrust and the debate and everything about council and I still have something to say.”

Moffat added the decision to run during this election was not a hard one.

“I have time. I have dedication and I love the City,” said Moffat, who has also run the Red Deer Farmer’s Market for a number of years. “I thought why not? I have something to offer and I have a good track record and I’m willing to serve.”

If elected, Moffat said there are some issues he would like to address.

“The issue is making people understand what a good City we live in and that nobody is always right but if you make a mistake, own up to it and get it corrected.”

Reflecting on his time on council in the past, Moffat said he can offer experience to council.

“First of all I know what to do – I know how administration works, I can work well with administration and I’m proud of our City employees – they make the things happen. All we do as a council is guide them and protect the interests of our fellow taxpayers and that is what I intend to do,” he said. “Council used to say I was the one with the common sense and that is what we need is common sense.

“My motto is waste not, want not and I think although we have been blessed with councils in the past and we are blessed with a lot of things that councils have done in this City to make this City almost perfect, there have been mistakes made and hopefully this coming council, whoever it is, won’t make any.”