Fluoride a recurring issue at City council

Though the issue was tabled at the most recent council meeting, fluoride still weighs heavily on council’s mind as an upcoming decision will be made.

During recent operating budget debate, council considered the discontinuation of fluoride as a potential cost savings of $75,000.

“We are hearing from our citizens that the time is right,” said Councillor Paul Harris.

However, many council members pointed out that simply removing the funding before a decision was made would be a premature manoeuvre and that the ongoing funding for fluoride should simply be moved to one-time funding until a choice is made.

City Manager Craig Curtis did not recommend the cost savings at the time either because of the upcoming decision to be made by council.

“It would be irresponsible to surmise that is where the vote is going to go,” said Councillor Lynne Mulder.

Harris was in support of the idea of moving the dollars to one-time funding but this change did not take place.

Councillor Tara Veer said she agreed with Mulder that to make a choice now would be presumptuous.

No decisions have been made at this point and the cost savings was not taken. Fluoride remains funded by the City until further discussion can be had.

Council did hear from the public in a process by which the public got to speak one on one with council members and a lot of feedback was provided through that process.

To this point much of the public that has spoken out to council has been largely opposed to fluoridation of the City’s water.

The item was tabled until the Feb. 6th meeting at which time council will have had time to complete the remainder of the public consultation process.