Ever Active Schools makes a stop in Red Deer

Students in Red Deer took part in the Ever Active Schools Symposium yesterday at Crossroads Church as a part of an effort to encourage healthy living.

Brian Torrence, Ever Active Schools director, said this is the 12th year for the program that works together with schools on initiatives to improve sharing and communication.

“This deals with some of the big barriers. Schools are very busy so this program allows time to just work on wellness. It’s a time to learn and take back information to help the schools.”

Torrence said the most important part about the symposium is that it welcomes parents, teachers and students to take part and work together.

“They all need to be working together. The information gets back to parent council and community groups and it all helps improve the community overall.”

Students were able to take part in physical activities and food taste testing as a part of the event.

Torrence said physical activity is one of the most important things that schools can encourage.

The information provided at the Ever Active Schools program often helps teachers plan initiatives for their individual schools.

Three hundred students took part in the event which included people from over 25 schools in the area.

Torrence said there is already a lot of good work going on in Alberta and the Ever Active Schools program is just one more way to bolster what has already been done.

“One of the positives of the day is that the kids learn something and then take it home to share with their families.”

Torrence said this is much like the idea behind recycling. “Kids learned about recycling and then took that home and look how far that went.”

The Ever Active Schools program is making 12 stops and Red Deer was just one of them.

“We want to make sure that not only parents, students and teachers are connecting, but that the schools are connecting too and finding ways to share.”

The program encourages healthy eating, active living and a good social environment for students and teachers.

“It’s all about mental health when we talk about a positive social environment. We engage student leadership and encourage connectivity in and out of school.”

Bullying is not the focus, said Torrence, but by helping students and teachers create a holistic positive social environment the idea is to eliminate bullying.

“Schools are big supporters of this program as well as Alberta Health Services.”

Ever Active Schools will continue its tour and encourages schools to talk about, share and initiate new ideas in the community on an ongoing basis to help students live and learn in a positive and healthy environment.