Councillor Lynne Mulder seeks re-election

  • Sep. 25, 2013 3:34 p.m.

City Councillor Lynne Mulder will seek re-election next month.

“I have decided to run for a fourth term on Red Deer City council because I want to see a number of projects which were initiated last term completed. I am excited to see the planning and development of the Riverlands and Railyards,” she said. “Our focus on crime prevention has just begun and I look forward to implementing strategies that focus not only on best practices in policing but also crime prevention strategies.

“I want to continue to be a voice for the people of Red Deer as our City continues to grow and develop. I believe that the knowledge and experience gained during my last three terms in office will be an asset as we build a strong future for the City. I am committed to Red Deer and want to continue to have the opportunity and privilege of playing a leadership role in planning our City’s future.”

Mulder was first elected to council in 2004.

“I have learned a great deal during my past council experience that will be useful going forward. I have learned that we need to be much more creative in engaging citizens in order to get the quality input we need in order to shape our City’s growth and development together,” she said.

“I have learned a lot about advocacy with other levels of government in order to ensure that Red Deer’s needs are heard. I have learned a great deal about fiscal responsibility and accountability – about making difficult decisions thoughtfully and carefully – financial decisions not only addressing current needs but strategically planning for the future. I have learned a lot about governance – how a council can best provide the leadership and direction for City staff in order to accomplish our vision and strategic plan.”

She added there are a number of issues she would like to tackle if she is re-elected.

“I would like to focus on a number of things including the environment with a specific focus on reducing the use of chemical pesticides as well as ensuring our water supply is safe and secure.”

She also said she would like to focus on advocacy related to the provincial and federal government – ensuring that Red Deer gets its fair share of taxpayer dollars in a predictable and sustainable way and that “Downloading to the municipal government does not occur without accompanying dollars.

“I would like to tackle the issue of crime prevention infrastructure and strategies which complement best policing practices in order to create and maintain a safe community as well as develop more creative methods of engaging the public in order to get comprehensive and quality input to assist council in decision-making.”

She added there is much she has enjoyed since being elected to City council.

“I have enjoyed the interaction with the people of Red Deer – their ideas and feedback about how to best plan for our future as well as address the issues of today,” she said.

“I have enjoyed being able to be part of changes in our City — to see our City grow and develop – the downtown patio, the revitalization of Little Gaetz, the new spray park and skate park, new planning and design principles and standards which will make a real difference in people’s lives – enabling and supporting these changes has been very exciting.”