Council candidate passionate about City

  • Oct. 2, 2013 3:51 p.m.

Stephen Coop is campaigning for a position on City council in the upcoming election.

Coop decided this past spring that he was going to look for a way in which he could serve his community better. He has a background in government and media, which he said is an asset in a role on council.

“My initial concern was to step up against the ward system, which I believe would be very expensive for a city the size of Red Deer. And, furthermore, it would not necessarily provide the kind of representation that citizens are looking for.”

He said he believes the City is best represented by eight independent-thinking people who are able to view the City as a whole. Each person then brings their own resourcefulness to the table, and shares a cooperative attitude to help prioritize the needs of the City.

He is a keen supporter of people seeking and pursuing their own dreams and goals after he himself has faced many life battles including a medical crisis.

“All things are possible with teamwork,” is one of the messages that Coop brings as a potential councillor for the City of Red Deer.

He believes that engaging the community and serving as a soundboard between the citizens and City administration is the main role of a councillor.

Currently he is a strong advocate for the beneficial responsibilities of shared parenting reforms in Canada’s family law.

He has volunteered his time with some of the political representatives who have influenced his life, including the late Steve Paproski, member of parliament for Edmonton North.

Other volunteer opportunities Coop has taken part in include participating with the Kinsmen and the John Howard Society in Red Deer.

Coop was originally born and raised in Calgary where he watched the Calgary Tower being built, not imagining that the tower would be dwarfed today.

“We see that same awe at work today in Red Deer, as our City is poised for tremendous future growth and prosperity.”

He said he looks forward to participating in the debate of future priorities in our community and that his own desire is for a safe, educated and productive city, with an emphasis on corporate and personal responsibilities.

“As I look around Red Deer, I have learned to see so much beauty in the little things. And one of my favourites is the Crimson Star Columbine, the official flower of Red Deer. I have made a pledge that if elected, I will personally donate 500 Crimson Star plants to the community. This will add even more colour to our great City,” Coop said.

He said, if elected, he looks forward to working with a professional group of councillors who are dedicated to exploring new opportunities in Red Deer.

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