Community activist steps up for council

  • Oct. 2, 2013 3:50 p.m.

Bettylyn Baker has decided it’s time to step up and is seeking election to City council.

“Red Deer has been our home for the last 30 years and I am very much appreciative of the wonderful support we have in our community and how we can work together to make sure that it’s a family-oriented community,” said Baker.

She added that part of her reasoning for running for council is looking to see some new things come along.

“My whole thing is remaining a strong community with balance in both social issues and business. We can always change and grow and do all of those things but sometimes we just need stability.”

Her passion and love for the community also added to her reasoning for running for council. She said part of what she thinks she would enjoy about working on council is the meeting and working with different people.

“My job on council, if elected, would be about building stronger relationships and positive relationships with members of the community as well as my colleagues.”

Baker said that Red Deer’s parks and trail systems are some of the best of any of the municipalities and that our athletic facilities are wonderful.

“We do need some other facilities to enhance that but that goes along with needing a bigger pool for Olympic size events. It would be great to see one at the College maybe as a partnership with the City.”

Arts and culture are equally as important to Baker, as she said not all children are athletically inclined or even capable. She said arts and culture are other avenues for Red Deer’s young people to express themselves and excel.

When her children were younger, Baker was involved in their gymnastics clubs and involved in their soccer lives. She also had a daughter who danced, so she was involved there, too.

“Along the way I also became a member of Catholic Social Services as a member of the board and it grew from there and I am now actually the chair for Alberta.”

She is also currently chair of the Native Friendship Society.

Baker was a teacher for many of her years, and she said that drives her desire to see youth succeed and also motivates her to be involved in aspects of the community that directly impact the younger population.

“I own Learning Links which works with adults and children who have reading and learning disabilities,” said Baker.

She said she is a passionate and compassionate person who has a listening ear and will try to do her best as the City’s voice if elected.