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Chief of Emergency Medicine, Gary Davidson, announces nomination for UCP in Red Deer South

“Albertans have always been problem solvers and entrepreneurial in spirit”

Central Alberta’s Chief of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Gary Davidson, announces nomination for United Conservatives in Red Deer South.

As an early supporter of Jason Kenney’s unity movement and stalwart in the Red Deer community, Dr. Davidson recognizes the challenges facing Central Alberta’s largest centre.

“Albertans have always been problem solvers and entrepreneurial in spirit. Our values are under attack by an ideological NDP that is routinely attempting to undermine the very things that make Alberta that shining beacon of hope on the horizon for so many. Jason Kenney’s built a united, conservative alternative options for Albertans in the upcoming election, and I would be honoured to earn the chance to represent the good people of Red Deer South on Jason’s team,” he said in a release.

Dr. Davidson has spent the majority of his career saving the lives of Albertans in emergency departments and serving in senior administrative roles at Red Deer Regional Hospital and he’s looking forward to working with Jason Kenney to renew the Alberta Advantage.

“I’ve been moved by a sense of duty since I attended my first grassroots town hall when I was young. After a decade of Trudeau Liberal attacks on Alberta, I saw the Reform Party emerge as the true voice of Alberta to challenge Ottawa’s attacks on our jobs and the economy. Today, the biggest challenge facing us is an out-of-touch NDP that will do anything it can to cling to power.”

Davidson looks forward to joining a United Conservative government led by Jason Kenney that would commit to scrap the NDP’s job-killing carbon tax, improve healthcare results for all Albertans, address the NDP’s out-of-control waitlists, balance the budget while making sure frontline workers have the resources they need to deliver valuable public services to Albertans, renew Alberta as the economic engine of Canada and pursue a pro-growth agenda that will bring jobs back to the province.

“Alberta may be down, but we’re not out. Our province is resilient, and under a United Conservative government led by Jason Kenney, we can bring hope back to Alberta. My name is Gary Davidson, and I’m asking for your support to represent Red Deer South.”