Chapin enters council race

  • Apr. 17, 2013 2:49 p.m.

One candidate who is no stranger to the campaign trail has once again decided to throw his hat into the ring for a spot on City council.

Matt Chapin, 26, has run in the last three elections. In 2007 he took a run at the mayor’s chair. In 2010 he ran for a seat on council as well as for the Red Deer Public School Board.

This year, Chapin has his sights set on council and said he thinks the current council is missing the real issues in the City.

“Some of the issues that keep coming up in my mind are not important like bike lanes. It doesn’t affect the people. Even though it was the province, council is not stepping up and being vocal about the closure of Michener Centre,” he said. “They are not fighting for those Red Deerians who need the voice more than anyone else.”

Chapin added the money that was spent on the bike lanes could have been used to help save Michener Centre.

“Those people need Michener Centre who really need that place. They have stability there and if they are moved they lose the staff their used to. Stabilization is important for people with mental illness,” he said.

As for a potential ward system, Chapin said Red Deer is still too small for one.

“Red Deer is just under 100,000 people. I can understand bigger cities like Calgary and Edmonton who have one because having an at-large system there would be hard. But when you’re not even 100,000 yet, there’s no need.”

He said if a ward system were to be implemented having a north and south ward would be enough.

“You could have a number of councillors in the south and a number of councillors in the north.”

Chapin added if he is elected he would be willing to fight for citizens who can’t

He added the reason he wants to enter politics is to be able to make a difference.

“Growing up I watched some politicians not really representing people and sometimes even insulting the people they are representing,” said Chapin. “I want to make a change and stand up for people.”

As for the past two elections he has run in, Chapin said he has enjoyed meeting more people as a result of hitting the campaign trail.

“I’ve gotten to know more of the issues and talked to more people. I have really enjoyed that.”