Canada still number one in hockey in our eyes

  • Feb. 26, 2014 5:56 p.m.

So what did we learn from this latest edition of the Winter Olympics when it comes to a few winter sports? We are pretty darn good when it comes to curling, free-style skiing and hockey.

We know a 2-0 lead in a gold medal hockey game is not safe when the other team is wearing red and white with a Maple Leaf.

The ladies showed the way and the men’s team followed suit by imposing their will on the Swedes. While it reaffirmed in our minds where we stand in the rink, it did nothing in the eyes of the IIHF.

Under their rankings Canada stands in third place as a hockey nation, behind Sweden and Finland.

Yep, the same two teams we beat in the games. But that is apparently not fresh in the minds of the IIHF.

Go figure!

Despite the back-to-back Olympic gold medals, the nine wins in the last 14 international tournaments against the best since 1972, we are coated in bronze.

Maybe they can’t see things quite right with the sun glinting off all the gold which came back across the Atlantic.

Another lesson which was touched upon but not yet learned, is what the future may hold when it comes to this international shinny contest.

It might be the last time we see our NHL players suit up and compete.

The John Tavares injury, along with other NHL players from other countries sitting in the press box due to various ailments suffered during the games, is the wakeup call for the owners.

They claim there is no point in sending their best to help someone else with hockey and when it comes time to make the decision you have to think the owners will protect their investment. All you have to know is the owners don’t like seeing their revenue stream blocked for two weeks while their stars hit the ice for our enjoyment. You do the math.

Add to the mix the next Games are right next door to the country run by Dr. Evil and the owners will have more ammunition for their point of view.

So we should all bask in the glow of those hockey gold medals while we can because four years from now, who knows what we’re going to be watching in Korea.

I mean, we are still the best hockey country going but will it be the same?