BEAUTY- Liz Munro sits with a Red Bourbon Heritage Breed Turkey

BEAUTY- Liz Munro sits with a Red Bourbon Heritage Breed Turkey

Birds sets to flock to Westerner

Birds of every feather will flock to the Westerner Grounds later this month.

The Canadian Heritage Breeds Spring Poultry Sale will take place May 28 at Westerner Park.

The event runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free.

There will be a large variety of breeds at the show including guinea fowl, geese, ducks, turkeys and chickens on display and for sale, with a number of them being on Rare Breed Canada’s critical list.

There will also be game birds for sale and on display including pheasants, peacocks and partridges.

“We want people to come and learn about the different kinds of breeds of birds,” said Liz Munro, organizer of the Canadian Heritage Breeds Spring Poultry Sale.

At the event more than 30 breeders who are traveling from across Canada will be on hand to help answer questions about feeding, care, health issues, breeding, incubating eggs, brooding and helping choose breeds.

“We will have hatching eggs, chicks and adult stock available,” said Munro.

Businesses including Willow Run Construction, who specialize in poultry housing, Don Laing Trailers and Brinsea Incubators will have items for sale at the event.

“People can come to the show without anything and leave with everything they need to have chickens at their home,” said Munro.

Judges from the American Poultry Association will also be on hand to ensure those looking to buy will purchase the best quality birds.

There will be purebred birds and hybrid birds up for grabs ranging in price from about $10 to $30.

“There will lots to see – so many different sized birds and different coloured birds,” said Munro.

She added birds are easy to take care of and make a great family pet.

“They are small animals to care for and take up a small amount of room. They’re cheap to care for and we’re had a resurgence of homegrown, slow grown foods,” said Munro. “People are more concerned of how their food is raised humanely and having something that tastes organic.”

Also new to this year’s event is the Silkie Show.

“This is a very popular breed of chicken. They have a very docile temperament,” said Munro. “They have more of a fuzz than a feather. They are like the teddy bear of chickens.”

She added the reason for the addition of the Silkie Show is because of the breed’s popularity with children.

“It is to help entice children into the hobby,” said Munro. “This hobby is great for children who are socially challenged because they are an easy animal to take care of and they get to spend time with other children who are also involved with this hobby. We’re finding it’s helping to bring the children out of their shell.”

A number of prizes are up for grabs for the Silkie Show.

For more information about the Canadian Heritage Breeds Spring Poultry Sale check out or call Liz Munro at 403-347-9106.

Entries for the Silkie Show are still being accepted. Those looking to register can call Munro.