Armstrong sounds off on legacy

  • Jul. 3, 2013 5:02 p.m.

Lance Armstrong needs to hop on his bike and pedal off into a sunset – any sunset.

On the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France, Armstrong decides to do an interview with French newspaper Le Monde. The interesting thing about that move is the fact it was Le Monde which first reported the presence of coricosteroids in his urine as he was racing in his first of seven tour wins.

Armstrong made the complaint of being persecuted by “Vulture journalism, desperate journalism.”

It seems they’ve kissed and made up or maybe it was just convenient for Lance to use the paper as a means to whine a bit more about his situation.

What he told the reporter was he is still the tour champion for the races between 1999 and 2005 even though his name is not in the record book.

“It is fine to erase my name from the record book, but the Tour was held between 1999-2005, wasn’t it? It was held and there was a winner. Who was he? No one has manifested to claim my jerseys.”

Not quite satisfied with bringing forth that piece of self-centered garbage, Armstrong added this little gem to the interview by stating there was no way he could have won those races without doping.

But the brakes on the insanity weren’t put on there.

Oh no, Lance figured it was his duty to claim it’s still necessary to dope up to win the Tour de France, thus painting all cyclists as cheaters.

I suppose it would take one to know one but you have to think after all that has been said and done about Armstrong and others, the current crop of riders have cleaned up their act.

Armstrong did backpedal on the claim saying he was talking only about the 1999-2005 period but the damage was done and Lance couldn’t care less it seems.

He followed the comment, stating he hoped it was possible to win the race clean which seems to be a very ambiguous statement especially when you consider the source.

“I did not invent doping,” Le Monde quoted Armstrong as saying. “And nor did it end with me.”

Armstrong still figures he’s the champion and nothing will ever change that in his little world.

Bon Voyage Lance! No need to hurry back.

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