Annual Market at Red Deer set to begin

Saturday morning launches the first market of the season

  • May. 18, 2017 4:00 p.m.

Ranging from freshly baked treats and handmade crafts to everything in-between, the 47th Annual Red Deer farmers’ market is gearing up for another successful year.

The Market At Red Deer opens for the season this Saturday in the Memorial Centre parking lot beside Lindsay Thurber High School.

This is the second year for the Market in that location as the new arena is being constructed where the market is usually held. Of the 40 plus years that the Market at Red Deer has been running, 36 of those years were spent at the old location so a change could prove some getting used to.

Dennis Moffat is the owner and operator of the market and is looking forward to another year.

“The phone has been ringing constantly and I’m really anticipating a great opening, because the weather should be adequate and people are a little more used to it,” he said.

He said with the recent moved to the Memorial Centre parking lot, 90% of customers and vendors were quite satisfied with where they are, but that they hope to go back to their former spot when the Arena is finished.

“I go by everyday and have a look at it and I’m happy with their progress.”

The Market runs every Saturday morning until Thanksgiving long weekend.